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letter # 13: احنا والخرطوش وخرا الماعز والبلوط: the adventures of ola y chau

Dear Chau,

What happens when a dream comes true?

I sent my dear friend Stijn an email two days ago asking him this question, and he answered “new dreams emerge.”

I am scared. I do not want new dreams.

You and everyone close and dear to me knows what this dream is, to be close to the water, that I and the water become one.

We are now one.

I am living, I am very much alive, I can feel every part of me alive.

As if my journey is complete, yet it has just started.

I want to be proud and loud saying I had a dream and it came true. How can I not be scared or shy about it?

Why is it hard to announce happiness?

Can you help me please understand.

I started writing a love letter last week to my loved ones to thank each one of them الحاضر منهم والغايب.

Because at one moment or another they believed me. I am still writing the letter, because I want it to be perfect.

Yesterday you wore a dog mask in the middle of the square, you announced your public appearance or presence in front of a new crowd. And in return, this morning two dogs who seemed to be friends, declared their power over us, they made us leave our spot in a very playful manner, with their eyes chasing us until they could no longer see us and with us wondering who was scared of whom.

I am not scared.

I want you to remember that to feel real joy, you need to just feel whatever is giving you joy and not turn it into a desire or a need. So, just eat the oranges in their season and enjoy them while you eat them, and do not think that their season was almost over.



images by anastasia kordari

Dear Ola,

First, I want to say thank you. This is beautiful and it feels so good.

In response to your letter I send you this drawing. I made it with that view in front of me to the sounds of rumbling thunder, heavy rainfall birds chirping as well as the humming of the fridge and the thudding of doors and windows. When I open the balcony door, the smell of orange blossom will come in very much invited.

I want to add to this dictionary:

Τραχανότο maftoul like irregular pieces made from cracked wheat, semolina or bulgur with wheat flour and milk, buttermilk, or yogurt typically goat. We shared a trachanoto with mushrooms and yum.

Sometimes we just have to eat the sweet chocolate. Despite the price.

Sometimes life is in the price we pay for living.

When a dream comes true, you live it.

Think not of what will be beyond.

I love those oranges. They quench a persisting thirst.

“You and I lead very different lives.” Our lives have not been this different in years. Here, now, we arrive at certain moments in unison and live that moment exactly the same and together. (Reading this again, I feel compelled to take this sentence back, or just acknowledge here that it is after all impossible.)




هذه المدوّنة هي جزء من المراسلات بين علا وديالا توثّق مغامرات أولى إي تشاو

This blog post is part of the correspondence between Ola and Diala documenting The Adventure of Ola y Chau

For more information | للمزيد من المعلومات

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