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final note: thank you and bye bye

The Rocca Family is concluding the 2017 USA Road Trip. We left our Mission flat in San Francisco on Nov 30th 2016 and with this note, we raise a drink to the adventure. Salute صحة everyone!

Although it felt like the steepest of learning curves, plenty to file and absorb with our senses on high alert, we appreciate that we have only experienced a small bit of this vast place. For one, we are still to see a bear. During the year, we have kept this blog post as a space to pause, contemplate, process and share.

Zizi and Taita O joined us with philosophies and music on several occasions and we enjoyed very much our work with them, for proof:

The journey often felt like we existed in an abstraction, often each other’s only company for days, the echo of our laughter coming back to us, pointing and calling on each other to look at the 2 bald eagles at the tip of the tree, the swimming manatee drinking water, pinching each other in front of the Grand Canyon, and pretending to be really cool while we waved hello at the Amish family. But we were never alone, our friends never ceased to make their presence reassuringly present in one way or another.

Our lovely friends and family, humans and beasts: thank you for checking on us, for your curiosity and long-distance care, following our map and reading our blog and liking our posts, thank you for worrying about us and taking care of our disappearances sometimes. Thank you for hosting us, feeding us, for holding space for us to perform and present and be who we want to be. Thank you for connecting us to your friends and favorite spots. Thank you for loving Rocca the cat. Thank you for housing our boxes, art collections, suitcases and mail. Thank you for documenting our work in your sincere ways. Thank you for visiting, even when you had to cross oceans and take awkward routes, thank you for all the audiovisual communications even when the line was bad and the internet intermittent and for being patient with our mixed dates and change of mind and not being able to plan ahead of time.

Because of you the Rocca Family was able to take this journey, knowing you are out there watching over us. And stay tuned for our future adventures in a new chapter entitled Ola y Chao.

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