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note #19: the night visitor

they speak of unusual sounds, sounds that visit them every night, i can’t hear them very well, they whisper, there is a cough, there is heavy breathing, there is snoring, someone is waking up, heavy breathing again

the coyotes are here, they are five or maybe ten, there are small ones and their mother, they sound like torture, they wake up, heavy breathing, i hear a bottle of pills shaking, one pill and another swallowed, the coyotes are gone, one is sleeping, the other is listening

someone got bitten, there are bumps in the back of her head, i can barely see them, i think they are bleeding, she is inching and aching, she is leaving the bed, she is crying

the birds are loud, the magpies are out of control, its windy, they are all gathered by the window, the sun is out, she is staring at the ceiling, deep breaths, the bumps are worse

the nose is loud, the throat is dry, there is cough again, the lights are turned on, i hear banging on the wall, i see blood, mini dots of blood, they are on the floor, a massacre of tiny beasts, some are still hung on to the curtains, they are silent

she woke up from a dream, the mountains are speaking to her, asking her to stop the tears and screams and loud laughs, they’ve had enough of her, she is whispering, she is ready to leave them

they both can’t breath, the air is tight, she stands up and uncovers the bed, throws the sheets on the floor, the remains of the beasts are there, i can see them, i can feel them, there is silence.

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