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note # 17: do you miss your bed?

Here are the 34 most common questions asked when we mention that we are on a road trip. Our answers change as we go. Everyday, we hope for a new question, so we think of a new answer, there are no intentions for fixed answers, only interchanging ones.

1- What will happen after the road trip?

2- What is the objective of the road trip?

3- Do you sleep in the car?

4- How do you make money? How can you afford it?

5- Did you really go to the South?

6- What is the most adventurous part of the road trip?

7- What do you eat?

8- Do you miss home? Do you miss your bed?

9- Did you find where you will live after the road trip?

10- Do you fight while driving?

11- What is your favourite part so far?

12- What made you leave San Francisco?

13- Are you following the weather?

14- How can we follow you?

15- Do you camp?

16- What did you do with your stuff?

17- Did you see confederate flags?

18- Who wrote which blog?

19- Did you meet T supporters?

20- How come the crocodiles did not attack you?

21- Did you get bored?

22- What happens if you decide to stop?

23- How long is the road trip?

24- Why didn’t you take an RV or a van?

25- Where do you go after here?

26- What are you following?

27- How much clothes do you carry with you?

28- What music do you listen to?

29- Do you drive at night?

30- How often do you stretch?

31- Do you sleep in motels?

32- What is the most dangerous place you've been to?

33- When do you stop?

34- Are you not worried about your relationship?

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