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note #6: the economies of space

Two weeks now and i can count the meals

Another pair of eggs. Another menu where french fries are the vegetable

Another check

Counting the nights

Big beds small beds

Nights hosted at friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends

Intimacy of/with strangers

Sharing the quiet of the night


Love by extension

Goodbye, thank you

I will miss all the cats and the dogs and the other magical creatures

My home is your home

Another cheap expensive motel

That forever will smell of old cigarettes and wet AC air watching our car from the window

Another stop at the gas station and watching the gallons in and out

Counting the coffees, even the non-coffee coffees

$1.125-$5.50 X 2 X 2/Everyday

This t-shirt will not fit

2 skirts, 5 t-shirts, 11 underpants, 2 trousers, a vibrator, toothbrush, toothpaste, cream, and face cream and sunblock and anti mosquito and scratch cream and contact lenses and contact lense solution and box and a sweater, two sweaters, socks and every single item counts for a lot, for precious space. A book, two books. My notebook. Two.

Lay the winter stuff below and squeeze.

Every single object counts (and is heavy)

Every single bite counts

Every single night

Every single bathroom need

All the fruits

The water bottles

I can see how much i use

How much i am

The road feels infinite

Some areas of no service




The crocodile is a witness of time way beyond human cognition both past and future

And the birds do speak a language (s) i will never learn

Friends are many

Love is big and does not need room

Smaller space for my legs but more space for my nose

And ear

And my skin

Gradually learning to receive the elements

Heat and cold and wet and mosquitoes

More space to feel

More space to be

More space for magic

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