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Thank you شكرا

Our first hosts, Anan Ameri, Noel Saleh and Noura , Ann Arbor - Michigan (November 2016 - February 2017)

تودّ العائلة شكر الأصحاب والصاحبات على كلّ أشكال الحب لتحقيق هذه الرحلة وتخصّ بالشكر عنان العامري على العنانة العنّانة وألمى خصاونه على حضن الروكا

The Rocca Family 2017 USA Road Trip is made further possible with the generous support of friends and family, a spectacular thank you goes to, Anan Ameri for the Rocca Family vessel 3ananeh & Alma Khasawnih for giving the feline member of the Family a home.


Shadi Kabajah . host in San Francisco, CA & map monitoring & online consultant

Alma Khasawnih . Rocca aunt & host in Seattle, WA & storage

Anan Ameri . host in Ann Arbor, MI & storage

Noel Saleh . legal advisor & host in Ann Arbor, MI & storage

Stijn Schiffeleers . documenter & editor & supporter

Adrienne Maree Brown . miniature collection host & supporter & inspirer

Ghalib El-Khalidi . Zizi consultant & animal advisor

Lily Haskell . accommodation connector & advisor & solar eclipse watching glasses magician

Oraib Toukan . connector

Dani Leventhal . host in Ohio & Ohio State University

Sheilah Wilson . host in Ohio

Kathy Zarur . supporter

Jumana Nabti . camping consultant

Linda Mcmath Salley . camping gear sponsor

Kristina Lee Podesva . mentor & host in Bellingham, WA

Ani Orfali . host in Amman, Jordan & animal consultant

Razan Khatib . supporter & tech advisor

Joni Butler . host in Birmingham, AL

Lahib Jaddo . host in St. Augustine, FL

Tobias Packer . host in Miami, FL & Everglades advisor

Suad Amiry and Salim Tamari . hosts in New York, NY

Ala Diab and Eve Tulbert . hosts in Chicago, IL

Hind Abdel Shafi and Nabil Al Sharif . hosts in Marion, Illinois

Laura Farha . host in Wichita, KS

Nadia Shihab . connector for Albuquerque, NM

Szu-Han Ho . connector in Albuquerque, NM & divine paletas

Nancy Zastudil . host as Central Features Contemporary Art in Albuquerque, NM

Herekeke Arts Center, artist residency, Lama, NM

Liliana Mejia . Lama, NM in house healer & food inspirationist

Nat Wilson . the music

Peggy Chung . holding space at Lama Mountain, NM

Sherene Seikaly . connector for Santa Barbara, CA

Adam Davis . host in Los Angeles, CA and boogie board mentor

Irene Girgis . host in San Francisco, CA

Manal Alsharif-Hanna . Seattle, WA hospitality

Carissa Williams . Portland, OR warmth

Sarah Farahat . Portland, OR connector & figs

C3:initiative: Shir Ly Camin Grisanti, Alexis Roberto, Ashley Stull Meyers and Freddy, artist residency in Portland, OR

Mona Huneidi . the stories and the gender-fuck doll

Bruna Press + Archives & Localgroup Studio artist residency in Bellingham, WA

Alan McConchie's parents . Bellingham hospitality

Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce for face to face information

Zumi the cat . Orcas, WA

Cecilia Mandrile . New York host

Rocca Family 167 Instagram followers for not allowing the tree to fall without witness.

AND thank you for our dear mothers, Laila Hijazi and Arwa Aamiry for their unconditional non conformist love.

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