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note # 3: Michigan--Ann Arbor--Detroit

daily exercises to live with the snow - daytime

1- fall and get up, fall and get up, fall and get up

2- hug the tree to feel warm in different positions

3- take the dog to scream for help

4- wear one bright color

5- stretch one and two and three (one time)

6- sleep on top of one another, anything you find

7- contemplate with dog


Is snow always this white?

I have never known white so white

The canine racing through

Skipping fluff

I can see my breathing

I can hear my breathing

I can feel the elements

The cold wind on my little back

The freeze carried by the air

Through my nostrils


Like glass

Only gentle

And soft

But for real, for real

Is snow always this white?

Makes me think

Of classmates

who have never seen snow

Who wore purple dresses and said

This color is snow-white

It made me smile then

And it makes me wonder now

About the white of the snow

I want to focus and for hours see

Contemplate and learn

About the white of the snow

And nothing more and nothing less

But to be so aware of something



Is that still white?

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