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Discomfort-Tango, Discomfort project in its phase #1 uses learning how to dance the Tango as a platform through which The Family challenges its comfort zones and examines family roles and habits, in collaboration with Stijn Schiffeleers, tango classes instructed by Zoe Balfour, Oakland, California, January 2015-present.

Family, an ongoing research project that examines family structures and dynamics, demands and expectations, alternative family structures and the reasons behind such a strict assumption of the family as a core unit to community.


Kaif, an ongoing research project into the joys of life which have been made to seem shameful, a waste of time, sinful, all in the name of work and ethics, to make sure everyone finds their path as slaves to the large capitalist machine. The Rocca Family loves to eat, drink, be with friends, walk by the beach, dance, play, take weekends during the week. The anger a smoker attracts from a passing by stranger, the collective shunning a transsexual suffers, the shame associated with joblessness, the sensible voices in the way of risking it all for the sake of love, are all means to keep us away from being true to ourselves, from appreciating our own pleasures, they keep us away from the possibility of contemplation which in turn might lead us to examine and critique the status quo, maybe even refuse it and drink to a life outside of constant shopping, mediocre duties, a safe existence and yet more boring possibilities. 2013-present. 

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