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If you described it, it could be a restaurant, or an appointment, directions to enter an apartment or a country, or it could be a business plan.

A handshake oath – rough draft or final copy.


“We are trying not to separate our [work] events from our daily life.”


To arrive at it: drive forever, or more than eight hours. Or don’t drive, if you don’t have a license. Walk, run, or swim. Take a flight. Establish a way, from one point to the next. This is a connection – the first part of The Rocca Family project.


“We dream of not being attached.”


A series of jumps-between, like a skipping stone, its trajectory leaving the shimmer of its movement in the water, joined by more skipping stones. Their lines converge – glinting light. This is another part, when everyday physics becomes exciting – a dance floor, a social space, where conversations begin and develop. If the metaphor here is water, then it ripples and also becomes smooth again – pliant.


“It could be really fun.”


Round is another way to describe it – leaving the scientific and transportative world of paths, flights, lines, and planes, we can say that it is a space in which many people come around a table, and they are all not necessarily leading not following either but learning – all parts of something which turns or presses outward from a center to meet a margin-frontier. Or it might be they are pressing together from the outside.


“For example, we like to share!”


The word Meals slightly resembles the word Heals, as written in magic marker on newsprint. This idea we’re describing, it can’t exist only in formal space, as things we can already write about – it is also existing in sensory and sensuous space, the one made through a shared dinner, or through effective translation, or through persistence of movement and events over time.


“It all revolves around financial independence.”


It doesn’t have to be new, but it allows one to see more. A repository of items treasured, but also a way to get loose. It is a bond – a flexible investment strategy – stretches and gives back: absorbing, flinging, or getting to.


“Family is one of the most terrible structures:

the pressure to be happy, the prevalence of shame…

All these things we do as the Rocca Family contradict that…”




Text from Who is TRF Series, #1-b by Amanda Eicher, May 2015 

The Rocca Family performing as Adam and Eve, still from the film Looking for Mars (2009) directed by Ghalib El-Khalidi 


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